Candle Light Christmas Walk

December 2, 2023


Mother Lode Scots Candle Light Christmas Walk Gather at 4:30pm
Walk Begins about 5:00pm
Hot Soups 6:00pmto 8:00pm


Armory Hall
Main Street

Free Admission

Donations Accepted


Deacon Jaime Garcia

Will give the Christmas Blessing


Kyla Groeschel's School of Highland Dance

Dating back to the 11th or 12th century, Highland dancing tells a story or reflects upon a way of life. Requiring both athletic and artistic skill, dances tended to be performed by men to ommemorate martial victory, conflict, joy, etc. as well as being used as an exercise by warriors.
   Long hours of practice are required for a dancer to become proficient enough to dance the intricate figures as lightly and gracefully as they should be danced.

Piper: Bruce Locken

Soups & Stews

Please bring a pot of piping hot soup or stew to share
Or a loaf of crusty bread
Desserts are welcome too
The Chief has a sweet tooth and really loves his desserts

Coffee or Tea provided

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