Directions Rosette

Step 1

Sash Rosette Lay the sash on a long surface and fold it in half so that the top and bottom ends of the sash are even. Rotate the sash so that the folded end is at the top of your workspace.

Step 2

Fold the folded end of the sash down 6 inches.

Step 3

Sash Rosette

Wrap a rubber band securely in the middle of the two folds where the fabric is doubled, this should create two loops of equal size, one at the top of the sash and another below the rubber band.

Step 4

Pull the edges of the two loops together and pin them with straight pins or small safety pins so that the loops form a circle. Fluff them evenly to form a rosette.

Step 5

Add a large safety pin at the back of the roseete. You will use this to fasten the rosette to your shoulder.