Ill or Hospitalized Members

Jerry Guthrie

Our long time member, Jerry Guthrie, says he's back from the dead and looking forward to attending many upcoming events!
   Jerry isn't kidding about the "back from the dead" statement. A few months ago Jerry was given 2 months to live unless he tried a fairly rare operation that might save his life. Jerry's heart was giving up on him.
   Jerry was able to gain a wee bit of strength and the doctors decided to operate. He entered the hospital in early March for this operation and while on the table "died" a few times; no not just once but several times. That’s our Jerry, causing turmoil wherever he goes!
   Jerry remained in the hospital for the entire month of March and finally demanded to be released in early April. The doctors wanted him to stay another week or two but Jerry said "see ya" and off to home he went. Ruby Olsen, Jerry's wife, was with him throughout the month ordeal and was quite ready for home herself!
   Jerry says he's getting stronger every day and may try to attend the Woodland Games, even if for only one day. Jerry says it's rather strange to NOT have a pulse. This is because there is a small motor (pump) that moves the blood throughout his body. . . .no pulse. The motor is powered by 2 battery packs that are attached to Jerry with wiring that goes up through his stomach to his heart where the motor is located. When he's at home, no batteries; direct line to a wall socket. I guess Jerry understands all this being a retired electrician. My guess is he never thought that he would be what was wired.
   Jerry told me that there is something to keep in mind about him. . . .NO CHEST COMPRESSIONS!!!! If Jerry was to collapse and CPR was performed it would be the end of Jerry. He currently is working with Mercedes to de-activate his airbag system and seatbelt system. If those items were to be used it would also be "good bye Jerry". Yep, he must carry a note from the doctor while travelling in a car that allows him to not wear seatbelts. So, guys, NO CHEST BUMPING with Jerry!
   So all you Mother Lode Scots, keep good thoughts for a continued and successful recovery for Jerry! We'd like to keep him around a wee bit longer. AND keep good thoughts for Ruby; I'm sure Jerry is running her in circles and driving her bonkers! (She's a fine lady!!!)